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When to register
Test dates
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Cancellation, date change and postponement

When to register

Register in good time. The test is in high demand in certain months and you don't want to miss a critical deadline for your study or work plans. Results are ready on the 13th day after the test. 

For university studies, we recommend to check before applying to the university whether you may need an English language test. If you wait until you have a conditional offer from a university, it may be too late to meet the deadline.
Your IELTS test results can be sent to institutions up to 2 years after the test date.  

Test dates

For registration for IELTS, please go to the online registration system
In Denmark, the test is currently held 1-3 times each month except July, on Saturdays and occasionally on a Thursday (1-2 times a year).
Worldwide there are four possible dates each month for Academic, two for General Training, and you can find them and register via

For most test dates, you can choose "Speaking same day" or "Speaking other day", as long as available. Speaking tests may be held on the Friday afternoon (before a Saturday test or after a Thursday test).
Please check your choice when you book, as we may not be able to change it later. 

For information about the waiting list please see below. 

Next test dates (Copenhagen)  To see AVAILABILITY go to online registration system                 Results
  For waiting list go here      
  If you can no longer see the below dates, they are either full or registration has closed.    
23 Feb 2019 Registration closed A only 8 Mar
02 Mar 2019 Registration closed A + GT 15 Mar
13 Apr 2019  For availability see online registration system A only 29 Apr*
25 Apr 2019  For availability see online registration system A only 8 May
27 Apr 2019 For availability see online registration system A + GT 10 May
11 May 2019  For availability see online registration system A + GT 24 May
01 Jun 2019 For availability see online registration system A + GT 14 Jun
22 Jun 2019 For availability see online registration system A only 5 Jul
No test in July      
  Dates for August-December will follow.    
(Faroe Islands)
18 May 2019 Register in online registration system A only 31 May
Aarhus Spring 2019 - If you want to be informed of a test date in Aarhus send an e-mail to A only  
For registration for
UKVI-IELTS or UKVI Life Skills

Go to
For non-EU citizens only and only for a non-study visa to the UK

6 July 2019  
last updated 30 Jan  2019      

Waiting list

If the date of your choice is not open or full in the online registration system, you can get on the waiting list by filling in your details here. We will then contact you as soon as there are any changes. 
Plesae note that while we try to accommodate as many candidates as possible, a place on the waiting list does not replace a registration for a later date, and does not mean a guarantee that a place will become available on the desired date(s). 

(Please note IELTS Academic is offered on 4 fixed dates each month world-wide, three Saturdays and a Thursday. General Training tests are offered on 2 dates each month, these can be two Saturdays or a Saturday and a Thursday. Not all test centres offer all of these dates. You can take the test anywhere in the world with a valid passport. For finding tests outside Denmark go to

Result date

Results are ready on the 13th calendar day after the test. Please note that It is not possible to get results earlier by paying extra. For more information go to Test Results.  

Cancellation, date change and postponement

If you are unable to attend on the exam day for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in writing so that we can inform the invigilators and examiners.  

For cancellations received in writing on a working day no later than 5 weeks before the test date, the test fee will be refunded, less an administrative charge of DKK 250.

Once change of test date is possible and free of charge if the request is received in writing on a working day no later than 5 weeks before the test date. Please note that the new date must then be within three months of the original date. 

If you are ill on the test day (serious injury or illness - not minor illness such as a mild cold), please send the following documents, which must reach us within 5 working days from the test date:

1. An original medical certificate covering the test date (only originals on letterhead with signature and stamp are accepted). 
2. A completed Transfer/Refund Form

If we have not received both required documents within five working days after the test date, you will be marked as absent and forfeit all claims. Copies sent by e-mail are not accepted. 

If you are unable to sit the test due to other serious causes, including loss or bereavement (close family member), hardship or trauma (crime victim, traffic accident) or military service, you need to provide supporting documentation in original, such as a death certificate or police report, as well as the Transfer/Refund Form

If both documents reach us within the deadline, you have two options: 
1. A full refund of the test fee, less an administrative charge of DKK 250
2. A single transfer to a new test date (within three months of the original teste date)
Candidates who receive a transfer to a new date are not entitled to a refund of the test fee nor to any further transfer to a new test date. This also applies if candidates are ill on the new test day as well.

In the above cases, contact